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Fuel Manager Software

Propane and Fuel Oil Delivery Software for the dealer / distributor: degree day forecasting, delivery tickets, fixed pricing, address mapping, customer sales & payments, federal & state taxes, accounts receivable, vendor purchases, inventory, user controlled lists, and service work orders.

Selling for almost half the price of other industry software! No maintenance or subscription fees! Support is available and inexpensive (25% of what others charge). Modification requests are welcome and affordable. This is a fast running package that uses current software development and database management technology. Microsoft Windows® ready.

Degree Day
Forecast customer delivery. Degree day values for heat and hot water are calculated from temperature data.
Customer, Sales, Accounts Receivable
Customer setup includes: billing, delivery, and product information with credit limit, finance rate and budget options. Delivery tickets are integrated with customer delivery and sales. Sales can be created with or without a ticket and have a "No tax" option. Taxes can be changed as a sale is entered. Sales and payments are posted to accounts receivable. Payments are applied to individual invoices automatically or by the user. Double entry of a customer check payment or ticket/invoice is not allowed. The Customer report window displays contact, aging, and transaction detail. Transactions can be deleted.

Keep Intuit QuickBooks® updated with our QuickBooks daily interface for every transaction. Enter data in Fuel Manager and post it to QuickBooks with a click of a button!

Sale invoices include all tax details. Month-end statements for one, several or all customers have transaction detail, a remittance stub, and company logo. Statement text can be customized. The Accounts Receivable Aging report shows each balance (aged to over 90 days), phone number, and last payment & delivery dates. No waiting for these reports!

Delivery ticket 1 Delivery ticket 2 Delivery tickets are sorted by driver, then zone, then customer. A ticket report can be designed to match your needs or existing ticket. Several ticket formats are already available.

The Customer Delivery report helps answer "Where to go?" & "When?" questions, and has a degree day option to show deliveries needed for "keep full" customers. Purchase, Sale and Payment Transaction reports show updates to customer, inventory and billing records.

Purchase, Sale, Tax, Payment, and Finance Charge Summary reports show activity for a date range.

Work Orders can be created, scheduled, & customized for each service request and then printed for your service technicians on the appropriate date.

Customer address labels and billing / delivery address reports are included. Reports can be saved to many external formats including Microsoft Excel® and PDF. The printer used for particular reports can be saved so you don't have to remember to print to a different printer.

Office1 Office2 Purchases add to and sales subtract from inventory. Inventory adjustments change quantities on-hand and can exchange units between products. Inventory reports show quantity on-hand, reorder point & excess / shortage, LIFO cost & amount, and adjustments made.

Truck inventory control: monitors truck activity, allows reconcilation to sales, and calculates gross income per gallon.

Tank inventory is a detailed list of tanks available and will move a specific tank to a customer record when installed.

Data Conversion
Office3 Data from your existing software could be converted to Fuel Manager. Conversion from Intuit QuickBooks®, QuickOil, FuelPro 2001, and SSI Accounts Receivable software packages have been successful. The QuickBooks option allows for ongoing conversions of new customers!

Typically, conversion includes customers, billing & delivery address, and beginning balances (no transaction history). After month-end closing in the old software, the data conversion process is run to begin the next month in Fuel Manager.

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Lake City, Michigan
Priced for 1, 5, or 10 users

Fuel Manager | Features | Screen images | Video | Price list | Demo | Users | Home

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